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The coastal resort of Chiclana de la Frontera, Cadiz, is the focal point of tourism in the region, thanks to the fantastic Barrosa beach. This area, once so important as part of where Chiclana’s wealth came from, namely its ‘almadrabera’ or tuna fishing, is now the centre-point of the city’s booming tourist industry.

The city, which boasts the greatest offer of accommodation in Cadiz province, has some fantastic hotels, complemented by a number of rentable apartments and chalets, all with those 8 kilometres of fine sandy beaches for visitors to enjoy.

Of course, Chiclana is not just beaches and sunshine; the environment is also of paramount importance here, as shown by years of being awarded the Blue Flag and sustainable city awards. It’s also the culture on offer, with a fantastic range of theatres and concerts; and of course sport, with plenty of facilities and a forthcoming sports centre that wouldn’t look out of place in the capitals.

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Chiclana is the wine in its bodegas; it’s the health to be found at its many springs and spas, with the Balneario de Chiclana and its mineral-rich waters being particularly outstanding; it’s the traditional cuisine, stews and fried fish or ‘pescaito’, with fish farms guaranteeing excellent quality produce.

Chiclana is the traditional craftwork seen in its furniture, wrought iron, dolls and ceramics and its fascinating monuments and buildings.

Chiclana – you’ll want to come back.

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